Animations & Physics

Finally got around to fixing the animations for shooting for the rifle and strafing. Although the strafing still looks a bit awkward.


To make the world a bit more interesting there’s also object physics now. It’s only the chairs at the moment, but the idea is that the engine will transform shot off parts into physics objects. Still trying to figure out how to implement that and keep performance at a decent level 😉


Updated version of Critical Mass containing these changes is up at Kongregate. Will post it to Game Jolt as well once I get both leader boards working together without having to rebuild everything.


2 thoughts on “Animations & Physics

  1. The game is looking really awesome! I’m really excited to see how much further you can take it.
    I think you’ll definitely be able to get it onto Steam at some point.

    Also thank you so much for using Haunted by Shirk as the music (he’s my brother), it has had a massive effect on his musical career so far and he is extremely grateful for it.
    He would love to get in contact with you, his email is: <edited out>
    He’s working on a new EP at the moment and you’re more than welcome to use any of the songs from it (also feel free to use any of his past content as well).



    • Hi, it’s Shirk here.

      I made the song, ‘Haunted’, that you have used in your game ‘Critical Mass’.

      Recently I have experienced an extremely positive career change as a result of you using my music in your game.
      However I would like to officially give you legal permission to use all of my songs in your game. Contact me at <edited out>
      This ensures that you will not be forced to change the music in your game against your will, or even remove the game in the future.

      Thanks for all the brilliant work.



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