Minor update

There has been an update to Critical Annihilation to fix some minor issues:

  • Fixed paint mode with rifles, now paints on hit again
  • Fixed physics sensitivity, bullet casings and chairs don’t sink into ground anymore.
  • Minor voxel shader optimization
  • Added Depth Of Field option back to video settings (was accidentally removed)
  • Added option to controls to disable mouse follow on the camera.

Name change & New version

Critical Mass has been renamed to Critical Annihilation to avoid confusion with the other game named Critical Mass on steam.

A new engine test featuring the new shattering has been uploaded to

The previous version will stay up as well for now until the current one is completely stable.


  • Fixed rifle aim, will now aim at center mass when cursor on target
  • Added explosion effects
  • Added napalm to AC-130 ammo
  • Added shatter physics (can be turned off in options)
  • Added floating voxel detection (no more floating trees)
  • Added noise effect (disabled by default)
  • Added vignetting effect (disabled by default)
  • Added slight mouse follow to camera
  • Better & faster SSAO, Bloom and Particle physics
  • More light effects

Voxel Shattering

Here are some of the new real-time shattering methods in the engine..

Blowing up rocks now shatters them using voronoi cells.RockShatterSmall

New tree/wood destruction, shatters into splinters again using voronoi cells which are extended in the direction of the wood seams.TreeShatterSmall

Same effect as the rocks on the UFO wallsUfoShatterSmall


There’ll probably be some more shatter effects coming soon. I’ll also post a small game play video showing some of these this weekend.