Progress report

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update, so here are some screenshots of the current progress. Keep in mind it’s all still a work in progress so things will most likely change. The low angle shots are when the game is paused and some skills that allow you to stop/slow time will also zoom in like that.

New Main menu screen showing the aliens invading earth:Main Menu

Character selection screen:Screenshot-30


Forest area:Screenshot-49

Forest area with snow:Screenshot-41

Desert area (bring it on):Screenshot-3

Blowing up a barn and tractor and stat assignment screen:Screenshot-39



10 thoughts on “Progress report

  1. GAME well one on jolt is best thing i played go there all the time when i need to de-STRESS!! i hope game spawned from it is done soon i gotta lot more let out


    • Yes it is, I really need to post another update post indeed. Ill do that this weekend. You can check twitter @DevogaInt for a few newer shots (also @y2bcrazy but he also has shots from other games in there). We’re planning on a steam early access release this summer.

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