Critical Annihilation Version 0.8.678

I’ve just uploaded a new version to steam, here’s a list of the updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed radar.
  • Fixed machine gun sound getting stuck on death.
  • Fixed character stats available message showing when none are available.
  • Fixed bullets sometimes not disappearing.
  • Fixed black particles floating around when a lot of destruction is happening at once
  • Fixed performance issue when a lot of moving text was on the screen. I’ve had to change all text objects so this might have introduced some new bugs.
  • Fixed shadow settings, can now disable shadows while soft shadows are enabled.
  • Fixed perks going outside of character window when having a lot of perks.
  • Fixed issue with bloom sometimes turning everything green.
  • Fixed special weapons not switching back to secondary when having the larger magazine perk.
  • Fixed training camp, large sand bags were to close to the tanks/targets causing them not to load.
  • Fixed clip not being fully loaded on level load when having larger magazines.
  • Fixed max. health increase perks not working on level load.
  • Improved level loading time.
  • Temporary fix for the yard, currently is the docks with different weather. Will be changed to a new map next week.
  • Partially fixed explosions not always removing parts of the world.
  • Partially fixed spawns, will have a more complete overhaul next week.

Added features

  • Added change list.
  • Added light beams to health packs so they’re easier to see.