Critical Annihilation Version 0.8.678

I’ve just uploaded a new version to steam, here’s a list of the updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed radar.
  • Fixed machine gun sound getting stuck on death.
  • Fixed character stats available message showing when none are available.
  • Fixed bullets sometimes not disappearing.
  • Fixed black particles floating around when a lot of destruction is happening at once
  • Fixed performance issue when a lot of moving text was on the screen. I’ve had to change all text objects so this might have introduced some new bugs.
  • Fixed shadow settings, can now disable shadows while soft shadows are enabled.
  • Fixed perks going outside of character window when having a lot of perks.
  • Fixed issue with bloom sometimes turning everything green.
  • Fixed special weapons not switching back to secondary when having the larger magazine perk.
  • Fixed training camp, large sand bags were to close to the tanks/targets causing them not to load.
  • Fixed clip not being fully loaded on level load when having larger magazines.
  • Fixed max. health increase perks not working on level load.
  • Improved level loading time.
  • Temporary fix for the yard, currently is the docks with different weather. Will be changed to a new map next week.
  • Partially fixed explosions not always removing parts of the world.
  • Partially fixed spawns, will have a more complete overhaul next week.

Added features

  • Added change list.
  • Added light beams to health packs so they’re easier to see.

Progress report

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update, so here are some screenshots of the current progress. Keep in mind it’s all still a work in progress so things will most likely change. The low angle shots are when the game is paused and some skills that allow you to stop/slow time will also zoom in like that.

New Main menu screen showing the aliens invading earth:Main Menu

Character selection screen:Screenshot-30


Forest area:Screenshot-49

Forest area with snow:Screenshot-41

Desert area (bring it on):Screenshot-3

Blowing up a barn and tractor and stat assignment screen:Screenshot-39



Minor update

There has been an update to Critical Annihilation to fix some minor issues:

  • Fixed paint mode with rifles, now paints on hit again
  • Fixed physics sensitivity, bullet casings and chairs don’t sink into ground anymore.
  • Minor voxel shader optimization
  • Added Depth Of Field option back to video settings (was accidentally removed)
  • Added option to controls to disable mouse follow on the camera.