Voxel Lights

Voxels have lighting properties now, this makes it possible to set up lights in the walls and floors as well as global lighting. They can also emit shadows but that’s a bit heavy on the graphics card so won’t be used to much.

Since we had Michael Bay mostly covered with all the explosions there are now also Anomorphic lens effects to get some JJ Abrams in there 😉


I’ve also been working on a map editor to be able to create some more interesting indoor maps. The above screenshot is a very simple example, it doesn’t have any props yet but shows off all the new effects and lights.

Animations & Physics

Finally got around to fixing the animations for shooting for the rifle and strafing. Although the strafing still looks a bit awkward.


To make the world a bit more interesting there’s also object physics now. It’s only the chairs at the moment, but the idea is that the engine will transform shot off parts into physics objects. Still trying to figure out how to implement that and keep performance at a decent level 😉


Updated version of Critical Mass containing these changes is up at Kongregate. Will post it to Game Jolt as well once I get both leader boards working together without having to rebuild everything.


Weekly update

I’m planning on doing a weekly update giving a bit of information what has been added over the week. Of course this week the website has gone up, keeping it simple for now until I have some more time to expand it.

Base building

Some more work has been done on base building, added some assets for the infirmary, still needs the other 75% of the room filled 😉

Special effects

A lot of new particle effects are possible after having updated the particle system last week, added an orbital strike weapon to test it out a bit.

Test game

I’m working on a small side project, it’s a very simple shooter but uses the same engine and should help iron out any performance issues. I’ll post a Unity Web Player and standalone version sometime next week.